New Publication: Pérez-Llantada, C. and Luzón, M.J. (2022)

Pérez-Llantada, C. and M.J. Luzón (2022). Genre networks. Intersemiotic relations in digital science communication. New York/Oxon: Routledge.

Book description

This innovative book employs genre as a fruitful lens for exploring the complexity of science communication online and the new genre assemblages formed at the interface of multiple genres in digital environments.

Pérez-Llantada and Luzón argue for a conceptualization of Science 2.0 that views digital genres in conjunction with other genres, accounting for the ways in which diverse Internet users choose different points of entry for accessing information on science of varied depth, views, and perspectives. Taking Swales’s conceptualization of forms of genre collectivity as its point of departure, the book puts forward this new understanding of multisemiotic genre assemblages in digital science communication, considering dimensions of hypertextuality, intertextuality, and multimodality in the interdependent relations between genres. The volume draws on a range of case studies each with a distinct genre assemblage and social agenda, exploring such areas as high stakes science, open peer review, science reproducibility, citizen science, and social media networking.