New publication: Pérez-Llantada (2021)

Pérez-Llantada, C. (2021). Genres and languages in science communication: The multiple dimensions of the science-policy interfaceLanguage & Communication, 78, 65-75. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.langcom.2021.02.004


This article investigates science dissemination practices on the Internet across the disciplinary spectrum and maps out the mono-/multilingual uptake of those practices. Results show that the production of traditional genres for expert-to-expert communication is mainly English-only, coerced by research policies and ‘genre regimes’ privileging publications in ISI-indexed journals, the majority of them English medium. New digital genres and generic innovations have little impact on the researchers’ communication practices and are only associated with some discipline and language groupings. When it comes to communicating science to lay audiences, multilingual practices and the deployment of some digital genres, modes and media become prevalent.