I have a Bachelor in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Salamanca and a Master’s degree in International Commerce from Rey Juan Carlos University. I also did a Bachelor’s degree in Art and have published several journalistic genres in this field, along with a Master’s degree in Ancient World and Archaeological Heritage and a Master’s degree in Education, both at the University of Zaragoza. I have work experience in Pekin and Düsseldorf for over three years and have worked as an Associate Professor in the Department of English and German Philology. I joined the PhD programme in English Studies at the University of Zaragoza. My PhD focuses on digital genres that are used to give visibility and credibility to scientific research and, at the same time, to inform the lay public about issues of societal concern. I have recently obtained a 4-year research grant from the regional Government of Aragón, Spain.

You can follow my updates on ResearchGate.

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